Village Silver is dedicated to our loyal customers of over 40 years. 
We  offer the following services to make your shopping experience
enjoyable & satisfying.

Our every day service includes:

~ Sales associates providing expert personalized  service
~ Hand-crafted, authentic,  unique & unusual merchandise

(unlike chain & department stores)
~ Silver cleaning solutions
~ Shipment to your home within the contiguous USA

In addition, you'll also enjoy:

​​Jewelry Repair

We all have favorite jewelry that's broken, needs re-stringing,  a new clasp, ​​​​
earrings  needing new ear wires,
too-tight rings  needing re-sizing. Right?
​Why let them sit in a drawer forever?

It's time to bring them to Village Silver - we'll repair your valuables for you &
make them like new again! 

Heading 1

   ​Jewelry Repair​​​​

Free Gift Wrap 

​​Village Silver will happily  gift wrap your special gift, free of      charge! 
We'll even ship your purchase to you!

We offer a variety of gift wrap paper styles...
a convenience we offer 365 days a year...
 especially helpful when you're time-pressed
& don't have time to do it yourself!
    Free Gift Wrap​​  

Special Order

The best gifts are those with special meaning & significance.

From skiing to scuba diving, palm trees to poodles
(& everything in-between),
Village Silver will special order beautifully detailed charms
in your choice of sterling silver, gold plate, 10K gold, or 14K gold.
Thousands of charms to choose from...all delivered (in store) within a couple of days!

A personal meaningful charm worn on a chain or bracelet is an ideal gift for any one of any age!

    Special Order